Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ASTA Evolution Follow-Up

Thanks to all of you who attended the session on teaching evolution to religious students. I hope the message of guiding theistic students to understand, but not believe, evolution was helpful to you. 

The handout I promised is linked to the title of this post. Click the title and it will take you to my public website, where you'll see the handout that you can download. If you're a PC user, please see the note there about possible needing to right-click the file to get it to download.

Please let me know any questions or comments you have about the session. You can click on the word "comments" below to reply back here. Also, if you want to see previous posts here about teaching evolution, you can click on the word "heartsNminds" under the Labels section to the left of this post, and the site will show you only blog posts related to the topic.

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Mary Alice said...

Dr Meadows
The evolution video game is named "Spore", it was released on Sept. 7, 2008. National Geographic had a special documentary about it titled "How to build a better being" on Sept. 9,2008. The documentary will be included with the video game's collector's edition. Also, the NY Times ran a large article on the game, the article on-line can be found at
I found the documentary extremely interesting! Mary Alice