Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interview on The Missing Link

Via the great folks at UAB Media Relations, here's a 2-minute overview of the UNBelieving Evolution approach.

Teaching Evolution Without Offending Religious Students from uabnews on Vimeo.


Amy said...


Do you think that your book would also be appropriate for middle school Christian educators? Within a science classroom in a Christian school, there are certain assumptions you can start with (i.e. God is creator, God is sustainer, God orders, Jesus was a part of creation, God reveals himself through ordinary providence and special providence. etc.) Somehow when we get to evolution, we have to start dancing around the subject being sensitive to creationist families and Christian families who believe in evolution.

While some schools lean in one direction, ours tends to try to teach everything putting well founded accepted science on par with speculation.

Not wanting to offend makes for some inconsistent teaching. Amy thoughts?

Lee said...


Good hearing from you, and I think teachers at your school would profit from reading the book. It's written to teachers in public schools who are dealing with a pluralistic audience of students, but that's what you seem to describe in your post because you are trying to be sensitive to families that come at the issue from both creationist and evolutionary approaches.

My key approach is that students should look at the evidence and be able to explain it using natural causes, as scientists do in their work. Maybe the approach would work well for you by providing a focus for your lessons, but leaving latitude about the children's final decisions to their families.