Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrating Authentic Assessment

The celebration graffiti from EHS 401/600
I've been using authentic assessment for over a year now, slowly transitioning away from projects my methods students did for me to projects that they do for authentic audiences. In June, I taught Methods I at UAB in a compressed format, and I really pushed the students to make each project authentic. I was really pleased with the work they did, and I think they were too. The image shows the celebration graffiti from the last day of class. I asked them, "What do you celebrate?"at the end of the course and to post that in a visual form.

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Mrs. Blanco said...

This methods class was one of the most useful classes I've ever taken. Thank you, Dr. Meadows. FYI, when my school closed 8 days before school was to start, one of your authentic assignments (my teacher blog) helped get me a new job. Using 4MAT and Prezi has helped me reach more students, and for that I'm grateful. Here's my latest Prezi: